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Skinali-Catalog helps customers

Going to descorate your kitchen with a glass splashback (skinali)?
Then you should decide on a picture to print on the glass.
Web-site Skinali-Catalog helps people to search an image for their kitchen. You can find an image on our site, download a high-resolution picture and order skinali (glass splashback) with the picture chosen.

Photos and illustrations

We create pictures, buy it from artists and professionally search for the best pictures all over web. Our mission is to make a site where anyone can find the best pictures for a glass splashback.
We know that to collect the best pictures for kitchen splashback is not enough. We should also ensure effective search tools. You can find pictures in our catalog by theme, colour or keywords.
You can add to Favorites images that you like. Add to Favorites the best pictures and then choose the ideal one for the design of your kitchen.

Buy a high-resolution image

After your find a picture, you can download a file of high-resolution.
Resolution (dots per inch) is a main specification that describes quality of a picture for a splashback of your kitchen. Many stock photo sites claim resolution of images in dpi (dots per inch). But resolution is not enough for you to understand quality of a picture. If you know resolution you should also know height and width of the picture in inches. But the best specifications of a picture is number of dots by height and by width.
We recommend that there are more than 5 000 dots per meter (or 127 dots per inch). This is not rule but recommendation. Some images are very good with only 4 000 dots per meter (100 dots per inch). If you doubt about quality of a picture consult with a designer. Any experienced graphical designer understands if an image good or bad when printed on a size of your splash back.
Usually an image can be widened by mirroring, duplicating or joining. That is why number of dots by height is more important. If your splashback is 23 inches then number of dots by height should be not less than 3 000 – 3 500. In this case the quality of the print on a splashback depend only on printing equipment.

20% discount

You get discount of 20% beginning from your 4th order.
Send to info@skinali-catalog.com your request for discount after you buy 3 images.
Afterwards you download any picture at 20% discount.